Puppy Basic

After Basic Manners or Puppies that are older than 14 weeks

Cost: $150

This class is a Basic Obedience class geared towards puppies. Your puppy will learn basic commands, to impulse control, door manners and important life skills that will set your puppy up for success.

Please fill in our online questionnaire, download, print, and carefully complete the Training Agreement and Liability Waiver below. If you don’t have a printer, you’re welcome to stop in during normal training hours (see above) and pick up a print copy of our enrollment packet.

Class 1
-Bed Games
-Sit or Down

Class 2
-Leash Pressure

Class 3
-Door Manners

Class 4
-Food Refusal with Bed Games
-Leave It

Class 5

Class 6
-Friendly Meet and Greets


For more information on the Puppy Basics please send us a message.