About our Breeding Program

German Shepherd Dogs have always been a part of my life. My family has raised and titled German Shepherd Dogs since before I can remember. Caro vom Allerswald, Gildo vom Koerbelbach, Olko vom Baerenfang, Wotan vom Baerenfang are just a few of the names and dogs I grew up with. My parents have left an entire legacy to the German Shepherd Dog breed and with this breeding program I want to continue what my parents have started to preserve our bloodline. Mainly because it is a connection to my home in Germany.

That being said, it takes a village to build a breeding program. I am not doing this by myself. Sturmfalken would not be Sturmfalken without Angie Leonberger (C-Wire and Essayons), Kelly Smarr (Bruna, Lou and Juju), Megan Flynn (Eros and Freak) and Tracey Cartland(Direwolf and Halo). We are a tight knit community of friends who are dog sport enthusiasts and love the breed. Each of them have either raised and titled a dog and/or whelped a litter for me. These Ladies are what I like to call “The first generation of the Sturmfalken Family”.

However, due to the majority of us being military families or having been a military family, we get quite the turnaround of people coming into our circle. The second generation of our family consists of Meagan Alvarez with her male Bolvar who was sired by Champ but bred by “vom Rhodes Haus” kennel, Kelsie & Donald Hoffer who have put countless of hours into training our dogs and Brian Baxter who owns Deegan.

The third generation is already in the works with Kevin and his dog Jax, Kenzie and Jovie and last but not least Tracy and Josie.

No Kennel can exist without having a strong community and friendship.