G Champ vom Ehrendorfer Land GbPr2

Sire: Orlo von der neuen Klus
Dam: Bessie vom Ehrendorfer Land
Champs Pedigree
HD/ED: OFA Good Hips/Normal Elbows
Dentition: full
DM: Clear
SZ: 2339678
AKC: DN53235102
WDA: 18-185-NY
Titles:  BH, GbPR2

Champ is DM Clear through Paw Print Genetics and Embark!

  • GbPr2 at Schutzengel Working Dog Club September 25th 2021 
  • GbPr1 at South Metro Atlanta Schutzhund Club April 10th 2021
  • BH at Schutzengel Working Dog Club September 30th 2019
  • 2nd Place at 2019 New England Regional Conformation Show Adult Male 24+ Months 

Champ is a classic black and tan, medium sized, heavy boned dog with a lot of substance.  He has a strong character and can take corrections without falling apart. He is biddable, social and works well with his handler in all environments. He has proper drives for a German Shepherd Dog. His environmental nerve and focus is genetically strong.  This dog is the personification of what most people yearn for. He’s a very old-school type of dog. He’s quite literally a dog of the past and very loyal. The only time I’ve seen this type of loyalty was between my father and his dog Gildo. He truly reminds me of Gildo a lot, which comes to no surprise because Champ is an Orlo von der neuen Klus son.

Orlo is linebred 3-3 on Darro vom Fegelhof which means he brings a heavy dose of Gildo (4,5-5) and his son Olko vom Baerenfang  (4-4) as well as Betzi vom Baerenfang (5-5).
I recognize a lot of traits from our old dogs in Champ and not only does he act like them, he looks like them too. My sister always says that he looks just like her old dog Garfield vom Baerenfang.


That being said, Champ also has quite an impressive motherline. His mother Bessie vom Ehrendorfer land is an Arrico vom Wolfsheim x Miece von Peroh daughter. Miece is a Zender von Lusondai x Erna von der Schwedenfestung daughter. Through Arrico we get the great Justin von Pendelbach and Noditha vom Teufelsgrund. Personally, without a good and strong motherline, you have nothing.

I truly believe that with Champ we have something very special. He is not a fast maturing dog. He is on one hand, the easiest dog to live with, and was quite literally born to be a Service Dog and on the other hand, he could also be a personal protection dog. He is another great example of what makes a German Shepherd Dog a German Shepherd Dog.

When Champ was about half a year old he was evaluated by Guiding Eyes for the Blind.