1 Month Puppy Day & Train


SKU: 1 month puppy day and train


The team here at Canine College is super excited to announce that we are now going to be offering a new special puppy package! 

This package is going to allow us to train your puppy Monday through Friday 9am to 5:30-6pm in the shop and then they are home with you at night. You also will have one group class a week to attend in order to implement the learning yourself. We require a private evaluation before the start of the package.

During this time, we will teach and solidify their sit, down, stay, place, leash pressure, leash walking, crate training, threshold training, leave it, and so much more! Along with this, we will give them proper socialization with other puppies in order to make sure that their first contact with another puppy is a positive experience. 

This will also help your puppy work through any fear phases or reactive phases in the easiest and best way possible. 

If you would like more information, please contact us via Facebook or our new number (315)-755-8912!