Board & Train Program



This program allows us to train your dog/puppy for an entire month with an individualized training program.  Continuous private sessions are included throughout the program.  We are well known for our body handling and conditioning techniques for dogs that don’t like to be groomed and handled, working with car chasers, anxiety, reactivity etc.

Our Board & Train Options:

Canine College 4 Week Board and Train:

  • Individualized Training Program
  • Structure & crate training
  • Private and/or Group Lessons included
  • Treadmill conditioning and workouts
  • Ecollar conditioning on request
  • $2500/1Month with a 25% non-refundable
    down payment to hold your slot

If your dog shows any signs of aggression:

  • Must be muzzle trained prior to the training!
  • $5000/1 Month with a %25 non-refundable down payment to hold your slot 
    Disclaimer:  All purchases are final and non-refundable.