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(max file size 2 GB)

Please list any known Behavioral Issues such as leash aggression, leash reactivity, dog aggression, human aggression, resource guarding, submissive urination, jumping on people, nipping or biting, seperation anxiety, anxiety, fear of noises etc.

Please list if you dog has been trained using any tools such as Flat Collar, Prong Collar, Choke Chain, E-Collar, Harness, Head Halter etc.

Please list if your dog has ever bitten another person or dog. If so, what were the circumstances?

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REQUIREMENTS:  Call to schedule a Private Evaluation

Are you gone all day and have a puppy? Then come home to pee and poop in the crate?
Do you have a dog with separation anxiety that you can’t keep in a crate?
Do you own a Husky, Pointer or a Doodle with an exorbitant amount of energy that jumps your yard fence every day?
A highly energetic dog aggressive dog that can’t go to a classic daycare?


  • 25 per day
  • buy 10 get 12

We can help you!
Most dogs in todays society are utterly under exercised which in turn causes a variety of behavioral issues. From anxiety, to shredding your couch, OCD type behaviors such as crate spinning, tail chasing, car chasing… and a whole lot more…
With a good exercise and enrichment program we can help you and your dog to give them what they need to be happy and balanced pets.



  • High Anxiety Crates for highly anxious dogs and crate breakers
  • 3 Dog Treadmills (2 Dog Pacers & 1 Dogtread)
  • 25+ different Enrichment Tools
  • Stainless Steel Grooming Station

Our Daycare & Exercise program will give your dog the needed structure, exercise, socialization and exposure .  With our 3 treadmills we can give your dog the physical outlet, With our enrichment tools they get the mental outlet they crave.  We will walk your dogs multiple times a day and if they are dog friendly they get individual play sessions with other dogs. Exercise plans are age appropriate and individualized for each dog.

Not spayed or neutered? Not a problem, we don’t discriminate against intact animals or breeds.

With our Program you will have a happy and well balanced dog at home.