Learn As You Grow – From Puppy to Adult



This new program is designed to grow with you and your dog as your dog is going from being a puppy, to adolescence, to  adulthood.
Each phase comes with its own unique set of challenges and we believe we can help you with our new Day & Train program.

This program allows us to train your puppy Monday through Friday. You drop off your puppy in the morning and pick them up in the late afternoon/evening. We can follow through with crate training, potty training and any behavioral issues that may arise as they grow.

This program includes a 2 Week Puppy Day and Train for puppies between 8 and 24 weeks of age, followed by a 2 Week Adolescent Day& Train for dogs between 6 – 10 months of age with a last round of Day & Train for dogs between 15-24 months of age.

All Day & Trains include 6 Group Lessons which makes a total of 18 Group Lessons.

Total cost of the program is $2700 with a 25% non-refundable down-payment to hold your slot! 

2 Week Puppy Day & Train (8-24 weeks of age):

  • Crate & Potty Training. Taken out every 2-3 hours to ensure that puppies are properly crate and potty trained throughout the day.
  • Puppy Appropriate Door Manners, Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Puppy Leash Manners.
  • Coaching & ongoing Guidance in how to deal with play biting, jumping, housebreaking, chewing etc. and how to work through it
  • 6 Group Lessons included

2 Week Adolescent Day & Train (6-10 months of age):

  • Addressing any behavioral issues that have arisen
  • Brushing up and continuing Obedience
  • Leash Manners, Door Dashing, Jumping, Sit, Down, Place
  • 2 Privates & 6 Group Lessons included

2 Week Adult Day & Train (15 – 24 months old)

  • Brush up and solidify obedience
  • E- Collar conditioning for off leash obedience
  • 2 Private lessons
  • 6 Group Classes