Pick Your Groom

From: $30.00

Does your pet have skin troubles? Is your pet itching? Fungal or Yeast Infection?
Our Enzymatic Shampoo and Conditioner is highly effective and will wash your pups troubles right away.

Have a heavily shedding breed?
We can help you.



Welcome to a different kind of Grooming
At Canine College, Training and Grooming comes together.
We put a high emphasis on conditioning dogs for body handling. Whether this is your puppies first bath or you have a reactive dog, we will work with you and your dog. Unless your dog exhibits serious human aggression. Our Groomers & Bathers are also skilled trainers and have worked in the veterinary field. We combine the best within the canine industry.

Our all inkl. Service Includes:
Blueberry Bliss Natural Shampoo, Ear Cleaning, Blow-Dry, Brush Out, Nail Trim

Anal Glands will be expressed on request or if we feel it’s necessary.

Body Handling & Conditioning

All of our Day&Trains receive a complimentary bath

We love all of our clients