Sept 27th: So you got a puppy, now what?


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This new 6 week class is specifically for new puppy owners. It will cover the woes of puppy ownership, from crate training, to puppy biting, how to create a potty schedule, body handling techniques to condition your puppy for nail trimming, grooming, even veterinary visits, collar grabs etc.
We will condition your puppy to an Elizabethan Collar (otherwise known as the cone of shame)so there is less struggle once they get spayed and neutered and talk about the different developmental stages puppies go through. It will begin September 27th at 6pm. This class is specifically for puppies for 8 – 12 week old puppies.

This class is not an obedience class.

What to bring to Classes:

While we are balanced trainers, our training is primarily based on positive reinforcement and behavior shaping. You will need a good quality (loud) clicker and a bag of small, high-value treats. We love cut up hot dogs and Red Barn food rolls, but any small, tasty treat will work. (A very food driven dog may work for their kibble, too.) Please do not feed your dog immediately before class – we want them eager for treats!

On your first visit, please bring your dog using the collar, halter, or harness you currently use. We will make recommendations for other equipment if needed. You will also need a leash. Please, no retractable (Flexi) leashes!

– Training Agreement (signed electronically before class)
– Waiver (signed electronically before class)
– Vaccination Records (take a picture and send it via email to
– Treats (at least a quart bag full of yummy treats such as hot dogs or red barn food roll or homestyle meatballs). You want to bring at least one quart bag full of treats, better yet, bring two.
– Water Bowl and Water
– A Puppy Crate
– Fitted Collar, Front Clip Harness etc.
– Special Toys
– Poop Bags
– A Positive Attitude (have fun)