Unlimited Monthly Treadmill Access


SKU: Monthly Treadmill


If you only wish to access our dog treadmills, this package is for you! You can have unlimited access to the treadmill for $20 per month, but must book your time slot via texting to ensure one of the treadmills is available. Our staff will guide you on how to safely use the treadmill and how to introduce your dog to the treadmill safely.

What to bring:

On your first visit, please bring your dog using the collar, halter, or harness you currently use. We will make recommendations for other equipment if needed. You will also need a leash. Please, no retractable (Flexi) leashes!

– Training Agreement
– Waiver
– Vaccination Records
– Treats (at least a quart bag full of yummy treats such as hot dogs or red barn food roll). You want to bring at least one quart bag full of treats, better yet, bring two. 🙂
– Water Bowl and Water
– Fitted Collar, Front Clip Harness, Gentle Leader/Halti, Prong Collar (2.25mm Herm Sprenger) etc.
– Special Toys
– Poop Bags
– A Positive Attitude (have fun)

No refunds.