Bullet earned his BH

Bullet, a young, very high drive Belgian Malinois has joined our pack a good while ago. We got him for free, and he’s already had a great foundation since his previous owner attended the Tom Rose School with him.

Bullet is what we like to call a “pocket rocket”, meaning: small, fast, powerful, intense and driven. He’s the type of dog that you will find suitable for any job, be it the Police, SAR, Military, he could pretty much do it all. He’s also the type of dog that’s not going to be happy if he can’t work. He’s not a couch potato. He’s “Go, Go, Go, Go. Go” all the time and if he doesn’t get anything to do, he’ll find something to do himself.

My good friend Kelly took onto him as a handler. She trained him for over half a year and went to the Binghamton Schutzengel Working Dog Club to put the BH on him. The BH is the German Companion Dog test. It’s a pass or fail, just like the CGC and required to move onto Agility, Schutzhund, Obedience or Tracking Titles. Without the BH you cannot compete in high level trials.

Anyhow, Kelly successfully completed the BH with Bullet and we are so proud of both of them.

As for Bullet, he will move onto greater things. On Wednesday, September 30st, he will move to Virginia and become a Disaster (SAR) Dog. As a 43 pound dog, and as highly driven as he is, he is the perfect candidate for this line of work.

That being said, we will miss this crazy, fun, ready-to-work, little dog, though we can’t wait to see the great things he will accomplish in his future working dog career.