Welcome to Canine College

Canine College is a dedicated dog training facility that has been serving the Fort Drum and Watertown area of northern New York since 2012. We offer a wide variety of classes and activities for dogs of all ages and skill levels, from basic pet obedience all the way to Service Dogs. Our services include private and group classes, Day & Train boarding and training, Service Dog training, and grooming.

We are located at 26220 New York State Route 283 (also known as Outer Pearl Street), mere minutes from Fort Drum. You will find us across the street from Jessie’s Pet Spa and seconds down the road from Valley Vet Clinic.

Come train with us – we’d love to see you! Dogs of all breeds, ages, and skill levels are welcome. Click on “grooming & training service ” to learn more about what we offer, “about” to learn more about us, and make sure to give our Facebook page a like for training tips and other information.

Group Classes

Our classes are individualized, unique and held by qualified and highly skilled trainers at our facility. We regularly disinfect and sanitize our working space to ensure a safe environment for you and your dog.

Day&Train Program

This program allows us to train your dog/puppy Monday through Friday.
You drop your dog off in the morning, and pick them up in the late afternoon/evening.

Deployment Boarding

Going on Deployment, JROTC or into the field? Have no one to care for your dog? Flexibility is a must due to changing dates? We got you! We can give your dog the professional and individual care necessary to accommodate your needs.


This program allows us to train your dog/puppy for an entire month with an individualized training program.  Continuous private sessions are included throughout the program.  .