The information below applies to our location in the Fort Drum and Watertown area. If you are in Georgia, please click here.

We want all of our students to start off on the right foot. Before you scroll down to purchase your classes, please make sure to complete the dog questionnaire online, and to download, print, and carefully complete the Training Agreement and Liability Waiver below (bring them with you to the first class).

Please note that due to New York’s COVID-19 restrictions, classroom space is limited to one handler per dog, and all handlers must wear masks inside the facility. If you don’t have a mask, disposable masks are available for you.

Also, please note that Canine College offers classes on an ongoing bases and make-up classes are available for any dog and handler who have had to miss a class due to an emergency, appointment, or weather closures. Because we offer ongoing classes and make-up classes, we do not offer any refunds.

Canine College is proud to offer balanced training for balanced dogs: our training focuses on positive reinforcement and behavior shaping, with pressure or corrections used only when appropriate and necessary. You will need a good quality (loud) clicker and a bag of small, high-value treats for every training session. We love cut up hot dogs and Red Barn food rolls, but any small, tasty treat will work. (A very food driven dog may work for their kibble, too.)

Please do not feed your dog before class – we want them eager for treats!

On your first visit, please bring your dog using the collar, halter, or harness you currently use. We will make recommendations for other equipment if needed. You will also need a leash. Any material is acceptable and leashes should be about 6ft long, which is a standard length. Please, no retractable (Flexi) leashes!

We also have training equipment for sale!


Monday: CLOSED

6PM Advanced Obedience
7PM Basic Obedience
8PM Make Up Classes

Wednesday: ALL PRIVATES (evening privates are available)

7PM Basic Obedience
8PM Make Up Classes

10 AM Puppy Classes
11 AM Basic Obedience

10 AM Puppy Classes
11 AM Basic Obedience

Other private classes are available by request, please contact us for information.

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