Low Cost Spay & Neuter in NNY

Spay – Neuter NOW

Spay – Neuter NOW is a local program and 501c3 non profit organization.

All Spay-Neuter-Now spay/neuter assistance programs require clients to fill out an application for assistance.

Program eligibility includes:

  • Income-Qualified Households for Cats & Dogs
  • Military Households for Cats
  • Caretakers of Unowned, Stray, Feral, Colony or Barn Cats

For more information about Spay – Neuter NOW please visit their Website.

Friends of Animals

Friends of Animals lists two participating vets: Northcountry Veterinary Clinic and Limerick Vet.

To get a Friends of Animals certificate you have to follow their Instructions.


1. Contact a veterinarian listed below before proceeding to the next step:

  • Confirm the veterinarian’s continued participation in the Friends of Animals Spay & Neuter program
  • Inform the veterinarian that you intend to use Friends of Animals’ spay/neuter certificate.
  • Ask about any restrictions and additional charges
  • Do not make an appointment until after you have received your certificate in the mail.

2. After contacting a vet from the listings below, check the box at the bottom of the screen and proceed to the next step

If you have any questions, please email or call FoA at 1-800-321-7387 M – F, 9-5 Eastern Time.