Mike Suttle/Bill DotsonDetection Dog Workshop

Cost (non-refundable): $300 for Working Spots
$100 for Audit Spots
Mike Suttle (http://www.loganhauskennels.com/about_us)
Bill Dotson (http://www.sdona.org/about/board-of-directors/)

October 10th to October 13th LEO Workshop
October 14th to October 17th SAR/Nosework/Service Dogs/ etc.

REGISTSTRATION FORM:  Detection Dog Workshop Registration Form(PDF)
Detection Dog Workshop Registration Form (DOCX)
Please email the registration form to collegecanine@gmail.com or send it to our physical address.

LEO Workshop
Focus: Narcotic, Explosives and HRD Detection. Officers will have to bring their own Explosive and Narcotic Odors. We will provide large and small HRD Source.

SAR/Nosework/Service Dogs etc.
Focus: HRD and any type of Odor Detection whether it is Nosework, Bed Bugs or Peanut Detection Dogs. Handlers will have to provide their source. We will provide large and small HRD Source and have Nosework Source available.

Topics for both Workshops Include:

  • Operant Conditioning
  • Scent Wall Training
  • Building and Capping Drive
  • Dog Selection
  • Odor Recognition
  • Commitment to Odor
  • How to develop a final trained response
  • Building a reward system
  • Troubleshooting

Both Workshops are limited to 15 K9 Handler Teams and 15 Observers

Please contact Sandra King to book this Seminar.
Phone Number: 315 486 7464
Email: collegecanine@gmail.com
Payment is due upfront