Come train with us! Canine College offers the largest variety of dog training classes in the local area. But, even better: we offer them in a unique format. You will never have to wait for a new class to start, and you’ll never lose money by missing classes due to weather, emergencies, or changing schedules. Learn more about our training system and make sure to read this complete page for all the information you need to get started.

Obedience Series Sport Dog Classes Reactive Rover Service Dogs
Puppy Basics Rally R.R  Intro/Basic  Task Training
Basic Obedience Agility R.R Advanced Public Access Training
Basic Manners Scent Work/Detection R.R Practical
Recall Classes IPG/IPO Obedience

Payment is due at the beginning of each class. However, clients can save by paying ahead for a bundle: purchase 6 classes and get 1 free; or purchase 10 classes and get 2 free. Payment may be made by cash, check, money order, or credit card. If you buy any of the packages there is no Refund for any reasons since it is on drop in basis. You decide when you take these classes!


MEMBERSHIP:  Pay a monthly fee of  $200 and have access to ALL CLASSES!

Evaluations  $25 Individual Class
(Pay as you Go)
7 Bundle
(6 paid & 1 free)
12 Bundle
(10 paid & 2 free)
Puppy Classes $25 $150
(save $25)
(save $50)
Obedience Series
$35 $210
(save $35)
(save $70)
Agility $40 $240
(save $40)
(save $80)
Private Lessons
Service Dogs
Reactive Rover
$50 $300
(save $50)
(save $100)
In-Home Classes $75 $450
(save $75)
(save $150)

Please fill in our online questionnaire, download, print, and carefully complete the Training Agreement and Liability Waiver below. If you don’t have a printer, you’re welcome to stop in during normal training hours (see above) and pick up a print copy of our enrollment packet.

While we are balanced trainers, our training is primarily based on positive reinforcement and behavior shaping. You will need a good quality (loud) clicker and a bag of small, high-value treats. We love cut up hot dogs and Red Barn food rolls, but any small, tasty treat will work. (A very food driven dog may work for their kibble, too.) Please do not feed your dog immediately before class – we want them eager for treats!

On your first visit, please bring your dog using the collar, halter, or harness you currently use. We will make recommendations for other equipment if needed. You will also need a leash. Please, no retractable (Flexi) leashes!

At Canine College, we want to be sure everyone starts out right. That’s why we ask that dogs new to our program come for an evaluation prior to enrolling. Evaluations help us learn more about the dog’s temperament, behavior, and current level of training. Combined with your input about your training goals or areas you want to work on most, this lets us create a training plan and get you started. This is especially important if you’re trying to work on a problem behavior or temperament issue, such as aggression, resource guarding, or anxiety. 

Evaluations are available between 1pm and 7pm, Monday through Friday and from 10AM to 1PM on Saturdays, by appointment only. Other times may be available if needed – please contact us through our Facebook page if you may need a different time.

Each evaluation lasts approximately 30 minutes and the cost is $25. Evaluation fees are due when you sign up for an evaluation and they are non-refundable. You can sign up for an evaluation here:Book an Eval

You will need to bring: your dog, the leash and collar you normally use, a copy of your dog’s shot record, and a bag of treats.

When you arrive for your evaluation, please come inside without your dog first to check in. Bring your signed copy of the training waiver and shot record with you at this time. Afterwards, please take your dog to potty outside before coming in. Enter with your dog on leash, ensuring a safe distance between your dog and any other dogs or people at the facility so the trainer can clearly observe you. The trainer will give you additional instructions from here.