Puppy Practical (Community Obedience)

Requirement: Puppy Basics

Cost: $210

This is the last package of our Puppy Series.  You will take everything you have learned during your previous classes and take it outside into  public settings and situations. Each week you will go into a new location and work your dog through new and exciting situations. By now you have build a strong bond and relationship with your puppy and you will go through a test and graduate from our Puppy Program by the end of the Program.


To get enrolled into the Puppy Practical you have to go through the Puppy Basics Class first.

Class 1
-Generalizing Place
-Sit or Down Stay

Class 2
-Leash Pressure
-Friendly Meet and Greets

Class 3
-Door Manners

Class 4
-Food Refusal with Bed Games
-Leave It

Class 5
-1 Minute out of sight stay

Class 6
-Friendly Meet and Greets

Class 7